How to know the portal that you must use.


AMAES has many LMS portals to cater to the specific needs of various students depending on the selections they made during enrollment.  Hence, it is imperative that the student know where to go to.  Using the wrong portal will lead to problems like missing subjects, exams and scores.

  1. Look at your Certificate of Registration (COR) and note the items highlighted below


  1. The Course/Plan defines you CAREER





College Undergrad, Graduate Students, Diploma Program Students

Diploma or college students EXCEPT those under the AMA School of Medicine


Senior High School

Senior High School Students

BAED [K-10]

K to 10 students

Kinder up to Grade 10 students



Students under modular programs


Graduate Students (Med)

Students taking up medicine under ASM


  1. Campus will define if you are Franchise or Company Owned Student.  This has bearing only for Senior High School Students.  For all other students, there is only one portal.  This is so because Franchise campuses haVE other SHS strands that are unique to them.


  1. Mode of Delivery.
    1. Values are FULL ONLINE and ONLINE LITE
    2. You selected this at the time of your enrollment and this defines how you will access your LMS.
    3. For FULL ONLINE, you may use either browser or the moodle app
    4. For ONLINE LITE, it has to be the moodle app.  Using the browser will cause issues for you.  Check the knowledge base on other tips and on how to set up your ONLINE LITE.


  1. TERMis a 4 digit code that defines both your schoolyear, the batch and the term
    1. Example above: ‘2016’
    2. The above is segmented as YYAB
    3. YY defines the school year.  Ex above: ‘20’ means SY 2020-2021
    4. A defines the term. Ex above ‘1’ means First Term
    5. B defines the term type and batch. Ex above: ‘6’ means Semestral First Batch
    6. Therefore ‘2016’ should be read as SY 2020-2021, First Semester, Batch 1
    7. The term types (B) are as follows:

Term Type (B)



Annual School Year (applicable to K to 10), single batch


Semestral First Batch


Trimestral First Batch


Semestral Second Batch


Trimestral Second Batch


Modular Programs


Modular Programs


  1. Using the above 4 items, you should be able to correctly select the Portal that is for you.

  1. WHEN YOU SELECT A WRONG PORTAL, there is a good chance that you will also be able to log in but you will not see any subjects OR the subjects that you will see are your old subjects.