AMAES Netacad Course Requirement


To further augment the academic credentials and skills set of all AMAES students, the management hereby approves the implementation of the following:

For students that are enrolled in the listed table below:

#1, 20% of overall grade will come from cisco netacad course.

#2, Student needs to pass netacad course, else get an IC grade.

#3, For IC completion, needs to retake exams in netacad to pass, then when completed, students grades will be adjusted.

This would ensure that all students would access and complete the Netacad course and get an international certificate of completion.

Course Mapping List

Note: Course Code/ID may vary, course title is the same.

AMAES Courses

IT 6201 

Data Comm & Networking 1 

IT 6200A 

Data Communication and Networking 1

CSCO 101 

Networking Basics

CS 405     

data communications and networking

IT 6223

Data Comm & Networking 2 

CSCO 201

Routers and Routing Basics


IT 6224

Data Comm & Networking 3 

CSCO 211

Switching and Intermediate Routing

IT 6300

Data Comm & Networking 4

CSCO 221

Wan Technologies


IT 6310

network security

CPE 6357

Computer and networking security

IT 316

Information Assurance & Security

IT 6205A

Information Assurance and Security 1

IT 6301C

Information Assurance and Security 1

IT 6206A

Information Assurance and Security 2

CYBS 6372

Information Assurance and Security 3

IT 6313

Linux Administration

ITE 6102

Computer Programming 1

ITE 6104

Computer Programming 2

IT 6302A

Integrative Programming and Technology 1


Empowerment Technologies


If a student is currently enrolled in any of the AMAES Courses stated in the table above is not displayed in the students netacad account, kindly send an email with the following information:


 Subject: College Netacad Request


            USN: 0000000000

            Complete Student Name: Last Name, First Name, Middle Name

            Course: UGRD-IT-6201-2023T


Information stated in the email must be correct.

Email registered in netacad platform is the same email registered in the Moodle LMS

Do not send duplicate requests emails. One(1) email request is enough.

Complete Course ID is required in the request email. Indicating the course type (UGRD / DIPL / Master), course code (IT,CS,etc..) and course id (6201, 6200A, etc...), and batch number (2012S, 2016S, 2023T, etc..)

Multiple Course ID could be listed in 1 request email. Essentially 1 request email per student.