Perform this task on or before October 30, 2020.

How to activate my account?


To activate your account, do the following:

1. Open your email, search activation email from Networking Academy(CISCO)

2. Click the link 'activate account' and fill up the registration form and submit.

3. Login to netacad.com

4. On the Dashboard, you will see AMAES-SHS-BasicEd-.....Click Launch course

5. Click Quizzes

6. Click Module 1 Preliminary Test

7. Take the quiz and submit





1. How to activate my CISCO account?

     CLICK THE LINK -> https://youtu.be/ZujAQwyjoNI


2. How to get an activation?

    CLICK THE LINK -> https://youtu.be/qHJY6C4UJHk


3. What to configure on first time login?

    CLICK THE LINK -> https://youtu.be/qLLagHIw53Q


4. How to take a quiz in cisco?

    CLICK THE LINK -> https://youtu.be/0w-T_dJB_aM


5. How to take a quiz in mobile phone?

    CLICK THE LINK -> https://youtu.be/ixpZdbOSHLo


6. My dashboard is empty where can I find the quizzes?

   CLICK THE LINK -> https://youtu.be/TbuLhrYQi-Q


7. How to retrieved my password in CISCO?

   CLICK THE LINK -> https://youtu.be/mUKgc3217mE


8. Where can I watch all the videos?

   CLICK THE LINK -> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGl7fVkld7ye7LME52cPMkg


For inquiry or need assistance message your OLC or Mam Sheryl Joy Raspado and Sir Jenefer Bermusa. Or email Sir Gerard Ngo (gncngo@ama.edu.ph)


Thank you for your cooperation.