from AUGUST 27, 2020 to SEPTEMBER 12, 2020

# of target participantsOLC
1MondaysAug 31 and Sept 07, 20209.00-10.00Allied B&MngtTHC6145Macro Perspective of Tourism and Hospitality190Ms. Mariz Causapin
2TuesdaysSept 01 and Sept 08, 20204.00-5.00Allied B&MngtTHC6144Legal Aspects in Tourism and Hospitality310Mr. Abel Reyes
3WednesdaysSept 02 and Sept 09, 202010.30-11.30Allied B&MngtTHC6247Multi Cultural Diversity in Workplace for the tou300Ms. Mariz Causapin
4ThursdaysSept 03 and Sept 10, 20201.00-2.00Allied B&MngtTM6249Meetings Incentives Conferences and Events Management (MICE)150Mr. Abel Reyes
5ThursdaysSept 03 and Sept 10, 20202.30-3.30Allied B&MngtTM6246Professioanl Development and Applied Ethics149Mr. Abel Reyes
6FridaysSept 04 and Sept 11, 20201.00-2.00Allied B&MngtTHC6150Emtrepreneurship in Tourism and Hospitality305Mr. Abel Reyes

from SEPTEMBER 14, 2020 to SEPTEMBER 26, 2020

# of target participantsOLC
1MondaysSept 14 and Sept 21, 20204.00-5.00Allied B&MngtHM6549Food and Beverage Cost Control103Mr. Abel Reyes
2TuesdaysSept 15 and Sept 22, 202010.30-11.30Allied B&MngtTM6467Professional Elective 5 Trends and Issues in Global Tourism47Ms. Mariz Causapin
3WednesdaysSept 16 and Spet 23, 20204.00-5.00Allied B&MngtTHC6140Micro Perspective of Tourism and Hospitality116Mr. Abel Reyes
4ThursdaysSept 17 and Sept 24, 20209.00-10.00Allied B&MngtHM6254Professional Elective 1 Crown and Crisis Management46Ms. Mariz Causapin
5FridaysSept 18 and Sept 25, 20201.00-2.00Allied B&MngtBAHRM6451International Issues for HR Management53Mr. Abel Reyes
6FridaysSept 18 and Sept 25, 20204.00-5.00Allied B&MngtHM6454Ergonomics and Facilities Planning for the Hospitality Industry127Mr. Abel Reyes

from SEPTEMBER 28, 2020 to OCTOBER 13, 2020

# of target participantsOLC
1MondaysSept 28 and Oct 05, 20201.00-2.00Allied B&MngtTM6140Philippine Tourism, Geography and Culture25Mr. Abel Reyes
2TuesdaysSept 29 and Oct 06, 20201.00-2.00Allied B&MngtTHC6141Risk Management Applied to Safety Security and Sanitation30Mr. Abel Reyes
3WednesdaysSept 30 and Oct 07, 202010.30-11.30Allied B&MngtTHC6139Philippine Tourism, Geography and Culture24Ms. Mariz Causapin
4ThursdaysOct 01 and Oct 08, 20204.00-5.00Allied B&MngtBME6305Operations Management in TH Industry26Mr. Abel Reyes
5FridaysOct 02 and Oct 09, 202010.30-11.30Allied B&MngtTM6466Tourism Planning and Development22Ms. Mariz Causapin
6FridaysOct 02 and Oct 09, 20202.30-3.30Allied B&MngtTM6254Transportation Management16Mr. Abel Reyes