The actual schedules are also posted inside the specific course.  Invites and links will also be posted there.


from AUGUST 27, 2020 to SEPTEMBER 12, 2020

1TuesdaySept 01, 202011.30-12.30Business &MngtMGT6370AStrategic ManagementDeam Joseph Elmer Noval
2TuesdaySept 01, 20204.00-5.00Business &MngtMGT6370AStrategic ManagementDeam Joseph Elmer Noval
3WednesdaySept 02, 20209.00-10.00Business &MngtBAMM6201Law on Obligations and ContractsDean Maria Romana Daguio
4WednesdaySept 02, 202010.30-11.30Business &MngtBAMM6201Law on Obligations and ContractsProf. Ismael Rico
5WednesdaySept 02, 20201.00-2.00Business &MngtBAMM6201Law on Obligations and ContractsDean Maria Romana Daguio
6ThursdaySept 03, 202011.30-12.30Business &MngtBAFM6102Financial ManagementProf. Susan Maminta
7ThursdaySept 03, 20202.30-3.30Business &MngtBAFM6102Financial ManagementProf. Susan Maminta
8FridaySept 04, 20209.00-10.00Business &MngtBAMM6204Professional SalesmanshipProf. Annaliza Collado
9FridaySept 04, 20201.00-2.00Business &MngtBAMM6204Professional SalesmanshipProf. Annaliza Collado
10MondaySept 07, 20209.00-10.00Business &MngtBAMM6202Phil Tax System and Income TaxProf. Artemio Ema
11MondaySept 07, 202010.30-11.30Business &MngtBAMM6202Phil Tax System and Income TaxProf. Ismael Rico
12MondaySept 07, 20201.00-2.00Business &MngtBAMM6202Phil Tax System and Income TaxProf. Artemio Ema
13TuesdaySept 08, 20209.00-10.00Business &MngtBAMM6302Distribution ManagementDean Roger Reyes
14TuesdaySept 08, 20201.00-2.00Business &MngtBAMM6302Distribution ManagementDean Roger Reyes

from SEPTEMBER 14, 2020 to SEPTEMBER 26, 2020

1TuesdaySept 15, 20204.00-5.00Business &MngtBAMM6005Environmental MarketingDean Shereen Gonzales
2FridaySept 18, 20209.00-10.00Business &MngtBAMM6102Marketing ManagementProf. Susan Maminta
3TuesdaySept 22, 202010.30-11.30Business &MngtBAMM6101Macroeconomics Theory and PracticeDean Joseph Elmer Noval
4WednesdaySept 23, 20204.00-5.00Business &MngtBAMM6006International MarketingDean Mary Jean Jayobo
5ThursdaySept 24, 20201.00-2.00Business &MngtBAMM6303AdvertisingProf. Annaliza Collado
6FridaySept 25, 202012.00-1.00Business &MngtBAMM6004Personal FinanceProf. Nicanor Asuncion

from SEPTEMBER 28, 2020 to OCTOBER 13, 2020

1ThursdayOct 01, 20201.00-.200Business &MngtMKTG6254Market Research and Consumer BehaviorProf. Nicanor Asuncion
2FridayOct 02, 20201.00-2.00Business &MngtBAFM6440Financial ControllershipDean Josephine Viana
3MondayOct 05, 202010.30-11.30Business &MngtBAFM6443Personal FinanceDean Roger Reyes
4WednesdayOct 07, 202010.30-11.30Business &MngtBAMM6002FranchisingDean Josephine Viana
5ThursdayOct 08, 20204.00-5.00Business &MngtBAMM6206Human Resource ManagementDean Mary Jean Jayobo
6FridayOct 09, 202010.30-11.30Business &MngtBAMM6205Business Ethics with Good Governance & Social ResponsibilityDean Josephine Viana