The actual schedules are imbedded inside the specific courses that you are taking.  Invites will also be posted there,


from AUGUST 27, 2020 to SEPTEMBER 12, 2020

1MondaysAug 31 and Sept 07, 20209.00-10.00Allied B&MngtTHC6145Macro Perspective of Tourism and HospitalityMs. Mariz Causapin
2TuesdaysSept 01 and Sept 08, 20204.00-5.00Allied B&MngtTHC6144Legal Aspects in Tourism and HospitalityMr. Abel Reyes
3WednesdaysSept 02 and Sept 09, 202010.30-11.30Allied B&MngtTHC6247Multi Cultural Diversity in Workplace for the touMs. Mariz Causapin
4ThursdaysSept 03 and Sept 10, 20201.00-2.00Allied B&MngtTM6249Meetings Incentives Conferences and Events Management (MICE)Mr. Abel Reyes
5ThursdaysSept 03 and Sept 10, 20202.30-3.30Allied B&MngtTM6246Professioanl Development and Applied EthicsMr. Abel Reyes
6FridaysSept 04 and Sept 11, 20201.00-2.00Allied B&MngtTHC6150Emtrepreneurship in Tourism and HospitalityMr. Abel Reyes

from SEPTEMBER 14, 2020 to SEPTEMBER 26, 2020

1MondaysSept 14 and Sept 21, 20204.00-5.00Allied B&MngtHM6549Food and Beverage Cost ControlMr. Abel Reyes
2TuesdaysSept 15 and Sept 22, 202010.30-11.30Allied B&MngtTM6467Professional Elective 5 Trends and Issues in Global TourismMs. Mariz Causapin
3WednesdaysSept 16 and Spet 23, 20204.00-5.00Allied B&MngtTHC6140Micro Perspective of Tourism and HospitalityMr. Abel Reyes
4ThursdaysSept 17 and Sept 24, 20209.00-10.00Allied B&MngtHM6254Professional Elective 1 Crown and Crisis ManagementMs. Mariz Causapin
5FridaysSept 18 and Sept 25, 20201.00-2.00Allied B&MngtBAHRM6451International Issues for HR ManagementMr. Abel Reyes
6FridaysSept 18 and Sept 25, 20204.00-5.00Allied B&MngtHM6454Ergonomics and Facilities Planning for the Hospitality IndustryMr. Abel Reyes

from SEPTEMBER 28, 2020 to OCTOBER 13, 2020

1MondaysSept 28 and Oct 05, 20201.00-2.00Allied B&MngtTM6140Philippine Tourism, Geography and CultureMr. Abel Reyes
2TuesdaysSept 29 and Oct 06, 20201.00-2.00Allied B&MngtTHC6141Risk Management Applied to Safety Security and SanitationMr. Abel Reyes
3WednesdaysSept 30 and Oct 07, 202010.30-11.30Allied B&MngtTHC6139Philippine Tourism, Geography and CultureMs. Mariz Causapin
4ThursdaysOct 01 and Oct 08, 20204.00-5.00Allied B&MngtBME6305Operations Management in TH IndustryMr. Abel Reyes
5FridaysOct 02 and Oct 09, 202010.30-11.30Allied B&MngtTM6466Tourism Planning and DevelopmentMs. Mariz Causapin
6FridaysOct 02 and Oct 09, 20202.30-3.30Allied B&MngtTM6254Transportation ManagementMr. Abel Reyes