During the course of your usage of the LMS, you might encounter various messages.  Here are the most common and what to do when you encounter them:

  1. ‘BAD GATEWAY’ – something is wrong with the connection from your device to the server.  

ACTION: Refresh your browser or app.  If it does not wok then wait for awhile and try again


  1. ‘Activity Deletion in Progress' – this means that the quiz / exam that you intend to take is currently being updated OR has already been updated and this one is no longer active

ACTION: Just ignore this and take only the quizzes / exams that are active


  1. ‘You are not enrolled in this course’ or  'You cannot enroll in this course’ – this means that the subject you trying to get into is not part of the data that was passed by the enrollment facility to the LMS.

ACTION: Log a ticket if you are supposed to be enrolled in said subject or coordinate with your OLC for assistance